Feedback & communication

By Ashley Philpott

So, you are interested in using ALD for one of your training programmes, either as an individual or as a business. Everything we do is backed up by our quality systems and processes and particularly for businesses if you are putting a large number of people on a programme, perhaps several cohorts over several years, we need to keep in touch with you and let you know how it is going.

So, right from the word go at familiarisation, there will be regular communication. At the end of our familiarisation process, we will feed back to you exactly what we found, what we think and then we will have a discussion with you on how we tailor that programme to fit best in terms of delivery, blended learning, assessment processes that fit the operational demands of your business to minimise the impact there

Once we start the actual training we take regular feedback from all of your delegates your people on our courses, sometimes every module for some courses but usually every 2-3 modules, just checking in making sure they are happy with the processes, what are they learning, what has been useful, what hasn’t been useful and we will feed that back to you in black and white, Worts nor, so you can see how your people are responding to our training process. That will be done regularly, every quarter and that’s your chance then to interact with us, ask us if you want to make any changes, ask us if we think we can make any improvements into the programme and sometimes we will do that. But being very open and communitive about what is going on and how the course is progressing. 

At the end of that process, we will let you know the completion rates, currently most of our courses run well over 90%, we will let you know the success rates and experience with individuals, and we will also give you feedback on what we might want to change if you decide if you want to run a second programme and how we can make that better. We are more than open minded about running a pilot programme to tester in your business we have done that for many of our customers and that is something we are quite open to if you would like to do a test first.

Next steps

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