ALD & The Fire Service

By Ashley Philpott

Ok so if you have asked this frequently asked question, its probably not that frequently asked but you are clearly, probably a HR manager or a leadership and development manager, or a training manager or a senior manager, in one of our UK fire and rescues.

What ALD have specifically is a lot of experience in this sector, we are not aware of any other company that knows fire and rescues that well. Over the years, since about 2003 we have worked with over 15 fire and rescues and currently we work continuously at the moment with seven different fire and rescues providing leadership and management training. What do we bring to that party? An intricate knowledge on the way fire and rescues work, yes you are all slightly unique, however, the common core, the culture, the ethos, the job that you do and a great job it is absolutely common to all of those badges. You all wear the same badges on your chest, around the outside you may have notices the multi star. We understand what that means, we understand the eight words around it, and we understand what it means to put that uniform on every day.

As I have said also, in one of our other areas called familiarisation, my trainers have spent a lot of time getting to know you, I have personally cut the doors off a car with a hydraulic ram, I have watched and got involved in drill nights with several fire and rescues. Some of my trainers have worked, watching incidents from a distance, spent time with senior offices, sat back from an incident watching what happens, understanding what incident commanders have to do. I have spent time with community fire safety, working with those people in business or technical fire safety, depending on what you call it now, there are different names for it, but also understand that side of your role as well.

Other things we understand, whenever we design qualifications for the fire and rescue, if you want it mapped obviously to a national qualification, from the ILM and other awarding bodies like Pearson and Edexcel we can do that for you. we will also map it to your internal processes, some of you may still be running PQA lists, if you do that’s fine, we understand what they are, but they are starting to fade out.

What we absolutely understand, is the national Fire Chiefs Council Framework, and every programme we design for fire and rescues is mapped to that framework. So, you know, depending on the size of the qualification you are get, exactly how much of that framework we will cover for you. we understand what it is, and everything is tailored within that culture. The other thing we do, you may be aware of course a lot of your people once they reach watch or station manager level perhaps AGC or station commander, depending on which terms you are using, that they also have to have qualification relating to the institute of fire engineers. We understand that syllabus, the level 3 certificate, in the institute of fire engineers. All of our courses will map, partially or wholly to that with exceptions of unit one, around health and safety and unit 9. So, the other 7 units are all covered.

So, if you come to us for a course from ALD, we can map it to a national qualification, we can map it almost 90% to the institute of fire engineers if you want to cover those topics and we will absolutely ensure that everything is mapped to the National Fire Chief Councils Framework. So, your people are learning exactly what your organisations need to know in terms of how topics are tailored.

So if you are interested and you want that level of expertise brought into your leadership and management training, from a company that intrinsically knows the fire and rescue services and absolutely respects what they do, give us a call at Active Learning, go onto our website all of our contact details are there or you can find me on LinkedIn, give us a call and we’d be delighted to talk to you and work with some really special organisations.

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