What is Blended Learning?

By Ashley Philpott

Ok, so you want to know more about what blended learning, classroom learning, and all of those sorts of phrases mean. Well classroom learning is what it says on the tin really, you will spend your time in a workshop, in a room, with other people. Obviously, over the last 18 months with COVID that has been a rarer form of learning, but the benefit of this particular system is that you are in a room, you get that a spree of core when you are working with other people, discussions are much more lively and more interactive. The control of the discussion for the trainer is obviously a lot more fluid, we also do not have any interruptions of course, no amazon deliveries, no children, and no pets and all of the other issues that come with online learning in its purest form.

Blended learning is a bit different, blended learning looks at a range of different functions that can be or methodologies that can be built into the training programme. So, you have purely the online system, you have probably done a few of these, zoom meetings where you are online with all of your colleagues, all on computers, all around the country and of course that provides a huge amount of flexibility for people, particularly if you are a business and your managers you want to train are spread over the UK, and it is difficult to get them all into one room.

We have other options, video-based learning, where you can log on to ALD’s website and through our system you can watch videos of the training happening and learn that way, and also through the institute of leadership and management we can provide you with e-learning workbooks for certain topics and there are about 12 of them, where those workbooks are specifically geared into helping you pass ILM assignments.

The final system for blended learning is where we mix all of that up together, so if you went onto our open coaching programme, you would have a mixture of workshops, both in a room and online. You would have workbooks, you would also have one to one tutorial with your trainer, they can be face to face or also online.

So there is a range of different methodologies, and if you are not sure which one fits your business best, give us a call at Active Learning and we will give you the benefit of our 30 years of experience and help you find what’s the best suit in terms of your operational demand and what you are capable of coping with when you are training your managers.

So, give us a call at Active Learning or visit our website, and I’ll be happy to talk to you.

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