How was your first year being General Manager for Active Learning & Development?


So, Ashley it has been a year in your role of General Manager. Really keen to get to know a little bit more about how you have found that experience and tell our viewers today what it has been like to be General Manger over the last year, some of the challenges you have faced and where you see the future of ALD.

Well as it has been for most of our customers, I am sure it has been a tough year for everyone with the COVID crisis, continuing the pandemic, continuing to role. I think one of the toughest challenges was learning all of those parts of the business I have not run before. Areas like the financial areas, getting more involved in the qualification assessment areas, because I am by trade a trainer. So, in terms of the frontline delivery of the operation, training delivery, dates and logistics, all of that side of things absolutely fine with. So, some of that backroom stuff, the administration of a centre I had to learn all of to. And of course, getting more used to looking at a set of accounts and I have learn a lot from yourself and Chris Bauman in that process. To a point where I am actually quite good at it now and I quite enjoy looking at the numbers these days.

So yeah, it has been a tough year and the other difficulty for all of my trainers particularly in the operational side is, online training, it has not been easy, trainers by their nature are people who like to be in a room and like the vibe of a room full of people and online training has been a little bit soleless from that angle, I think its been tougher adapting the way we train to make sure that ultimately the learner must learn. That is the definition for me of learning anything else is just making a simple concept more complicated. That still has to happen online, it is what it is.

So, yeah, some tough issues there, but that has also bought some ease in terms of logistics. It has been an interesting first year at Active Learning, lots to learn, busy, but then you expect that when you become the General Manager of any business. You have got to work hard to make sure everything is running, but we are in a place now where I think in 2022 is set well. Hard work, rebuilding the foundations of Active Learning, changing its direction slightly and now I think we are in the starting blocks, pointing the right way and ready to go.