ALD’s experience across commercial business and sport has allowed us to understand what sets apart the highest achievers: the 1% club. For over 30 years, ALD and our Associates have worked with some of the most exemplary business leaders and sports stars across the globe.


Each workshop is specifically dedicated to C-suite clients and Senior Managers, to promote and develop business culture and overall business performance.

Our workshops have been commissioned by a range of SME and Nationwide businesses across the UK, as well as through open-cohorts. How would you like to learn how you can use evidence-based theory and experiential learning, in a practical setting, to transform your role and your business?

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Optimising Performance

The psychology of human performance and sport performance are often treated as two separate entities. Throughout our three decades of hands-on experience as consultants, trainers and researchers, we have developed the world’s first authentic series of workshops bridging the gap between sport and business.

Communication & Conflict

Communication is the foundation of any personal or professional relationship, and for leaders and managers, is the gateway to managing expectations and performance.

Did you know there are 8 different types of feedback and communication? Our workshop will show you how to identify different personality types, preferred styles of communication and how to get the best out of low-performing and high-performing individuals and teams through something as simple as communication.

Leadership & Management 101

Leadership and Management 101 (Brian and Luke to discuss blurb)

  • Performance
  • Communication
  • Leadership


Luke Whiting

CEO - Yarway Group

With a background in Sports Psychology, Luke founded the Yarway Group family of companies to bring about positive change for people, places and the planet.

Ashley Philpott

Director - ALD Ltd

The heart of Active Learning & Development, Ashley’s pragmatic and direct approach affords rapid and measurable improvement in leadership & management.

Dr Brian Hemmings


I’m not entirely sure who he is, but Luke said he was his best friend. That must mean he is pretty cool! Wait for an update from Luke and swap out this bit for that.


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