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Leadership Skills Training

Leadership skills are essential for many forward thinking and successful companies if they are to grow their business. Those that lead the day to day operations of most companies have the technical skills, knowledge and experience to carry out the operational side of the business without knowing how to lead a team. Most managers are not natural or born leaders, and need to learn the skills and behaviours that leadership skills training can develop.

Leadership skills training gets people to look at their own natural style, and reflect on how others see them. This helps them understand how and why people react to them when they bring influence to a team and individuals. Understanding the key types of personality and styles of others allows them to approach staff in the most suitable way.

Leadership Skills Training from ALD

Leadership skills will encourage managers to adapt their own natural style to each situation they have to deal with and guide them on how much to get involved or to allow the team to take responsibility for its actions.

The majority of organisations will face many challenges, some within their control, and some caused by external factors that they are unable to influence. When this happens, it is vital that managers have the confidence to lead and influence whilst giving confidence and purpose to activity without being too controlling. Leadership skills will allow managers and supervisors to gain understanding and practice techniques in a safe environment before using them confidently in the workplace.

Our experienced programme design team will take time to understand your business and its needs, before designing a leadership skills training programme specifically tailored for you, which will have maximum positive impact on your business.  We have a dedicated support team to take care of all aspects of your leadership training programme, including venue booking, logistics, attendance tracking and quality review.

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