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Policies & Procedures

ALD Whistleblowing Policy

Safeguarding Policy


Complaints Procedure

As a UK Company with a Code of Supplier conduct, we have a procedure to deal with complaints, which may arise from the actions of our directors, staff, trainers or authorised representative

The procedure affects all complainants


Step one

In the first instance, the Provider should be approached by the Employer to see if the complaint can be resolved within a reasonable period, usually 1-2 weeks.

Step two

If the Employer is not satisfied, the complaint can be submitted in writing to the Company Secretary at:

Active Learning & Development Ltd

Horizons House, Vine Street, Evesham WR11 4RE

or emailed to

The Company Secretary will respond to the Employer not more than 4 weeks from the date of the initial complaint, with an action plan to resolve the complaint, and all documents recorded.

Step three

If the Employer is still not satisfied with the resolution, the Company secretary will meet with the complainant to attempt a final resolution, not more than 8 weeks from the date of the initial complaint.

Final step

If no resolution can be agreed within 3 months from the date of the initial complaint, the complainant may use the services of The Ombudsman Services- Business to Business, and we will abide by their arbitration.

Appeals Structure

As an approved assessment centre for ILM, City & Guilds and Pearson(Edexcel) we have a procedure to deal with appeals, which may arise from judgements made by a tutor or assessor as to the competence of a candidate working towards a qualification or Apprenticeship

The procedure affects all participants involved in a programme:

Candidates, Employers, Tutors/Assessors,  Internal Verifiers

In the first instance, the Tutor/Assessor should be approached in an effort to resolve the issue.  Should this action not resolve the issue, the participant should be reminded of this procedure.

Step one

Where an assessment decision has been made and the participant does not concur with that decision, the candidate should raise this within 7 days with their assessor

Step two

If this does not resolve the issue, then a formal letter of appeal should be sent to the Centre Verifier.  It is important that the details of the qualification and any supporting evidence are submitted along with the letter, within 3 weeks of the original appeal.

Step three

The Centre Verifier will call together an independent appeals panel made up of a combination of:

                        Managing Director

                        Training Director

                        Internal Verifier representative

                        Tutor/Assessor representative


The panel will meet and discuss the appeal.

Within seven days of receipt of the appeal, the Centre Verifier will advise the participant of the decision in writing.

Step four

Where the participant still believes this to be unsatisfactory, s/he can seek further appeal to the Awarding Body.  This should be done in writing through the Centre Verifier who will forward the appeal within two days of receipt.

The Awarding Body will review the appeal and communicate the outcome to the Centre Verifier.  The Centre Verifier will notify the participant of the decision of the Awarding Body.