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National Charity uses tailored leadership training to increase management resilience

firefighters charityA resilient management team is the cornerstone to any successful organisation. The ability to bounce back and still complete the task at hand successfully against adversity is an ever increasing necessity in today’s modern business world, especially with the rise in remote workers, as one leading UK charity discovered in the last 5 years.

As a growing charity with the aim of providing services that enhance the quality of life for serving and retired firefighters, it became increasingly important for it to develop a skilled and effective management team.

This need for development was at the heart of the multi-site based charity’s decision to action a learning development programme with Active Learning and Development. Being there when it matters helps this charity make a positive difference when it is needed, and to do this the team needed to develop skills that helped it to make crucial decisions when necessary.

The charity found Active Learning and Development through the recommendation of an existing client that we had a long standing relationship with. We had already worked with that client on creating a high quality and custom made training programme.

Due to this recommendation, the charity has now been working with us for two years and over this time we have developed programmes that run for both middle managers and supervisory levels. All the programmes that Active Learning and Development have developed have been run in house and where required give the current management team a better understanding of managing remote workers and Action Learning Support, which were all part of the initial brief.

Not only did the Active Learning and Development programme meet all the requirements of the client, it also met the high qualification standards set by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). This has resulted in a management team that is better equipped to deal with the day to day running of the organisation and remote workers.

Each programme has run successfully over a four month period, with one particular programme aimed at middle managers running on three occasions to date.

More and more employees are working away from the office, but does your management team monitor and manage them successfully?  This is something that is critical to getting the most out of your current team. Active Learning and Development can devise a custom package, no matter the size of industry of your business, to give your staff a nationally recognised management qualification.

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