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Strong staff retention – including key managers – is an important goal for any company. But with staff in high demand from competitors, how can you achieve this in today’s economy?

Expanding the current management and leadership knowledge was decided to be a key goal for a wealth management company who were experiencing strong growth, both in the UK and globally, and were looking to boost staff retention.

The company has a continuous recruitment process to attract ambitious individuals who want to be part of a successful team. The company operate in a highly competitive and sales driven environment and were keen to show prospective and current staff that they offered great career prospects with a long term development programme.

As a result of a professional recommendation, Active Learning and Development was approached to discuss the development of a suitable training programme.

Following an in-depth analysis of their specific requirements, it was decided to custom design a programme that would run over a long period of time and result in a national qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

As their current management team brought different sets of skills to the table, they required a fully customisable package of different modules. This meant that managers could choose to attend only the relevant short modules and not waste time on areas they already felt comfortable with. Another consideration was that, in many cases, the management could not be away from their roles for long periods of time.

Active Learning and Development produced a series of one day modules that would run over a long period of time, resulting in a career development plan that the individual managers could choose and fit around their work schedule.

The qualifications that resulted build upon existing leadership capabilities and help to motivate and engage teams by improving not only skills but also values and motivations.  This will result in clear benefits for the organisation, helping to develop effective and confident first-line managers who have better relationships and communication with their teams. Feedback from the Human Resource Department has been positive since they reviewed the programme.

What areas would you like to look at within your organisation? Are there aspects that different departments would benefit from help or training with?

Whether it is increasing staff retention or improving performance rates, Active Learning and Development can tailor a long term staff development package to suit your needs. This will not only increase employee knowledge and skill levels, but will also increase their motivation in the work place. Please contact us with your needs and we can discuss a package relevant to your business model

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