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Specially tailored programme to help instructors gain BTEC teaching qualification

BAEWhen an organisation has a significant in-house teaching and training function, what is the best way to ensure that standards are kept high and the best training methods are employed?

The Military Air & Information, Aircraft Maintenance and Support function within BAE Systems decided that it was important to obtain a recognised teaching qualification for their technical instructors, especially those working in safety-critical areas.

The organisation decided to approach Active Learning and Development and put a number of their trainers through a development programme. The objective was to ensure the best use of their trainers’ time, resources and ultimately gain a recognised teaching qualification for their staff.

After the initial meeting with the company, we began to tailor a package systematically and strategically to not only suit their individual and specific needs within this highly technical industry, but to be able to be delivered on site at their specified locations.

A suitable package was developed that not only met the client’s criteria, but also met the standards set by BTEC in order to obtain the qualification. This was then rolled out and ran over two months at two major sites within the UK.

To complete this course, all learners were required to develop knowledge related to teaching and learning as well as to develop skills in teaching and learning. Whilst these key skills were developed, learners also worked on their own personal growth and engagement in teaching and learning.

During the course, evidence was required to show that the learner had acquired the skills and knowledge to prepare, plan, deliver and evaluate teaching and learning sessions in a variety of teaching and training contexts. This package included learning support that proved to be critical in obtaining the overall qualification.

The success rate for the BTEC accreditation was 100% – which the client was delighted with. The client also reported back that as a result of their staff completing the programme, and achieving a professional qualification, that they were better motivated and more confident.

Are you interested in ensuring a higher and more consistent level of training within your organisation? Are you looking at gaining a nationally recognised education and training qualification for any of your current training staff? No matter what your employee’s current level of expertise or education, we can help by tailoring a package to best suit your company and employee’s needs.

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