Sectors & Industries

Our clients span a range of sectors and industries with a wide range of training requirements. Our staff go the extra mile to fully understand your business challenges and needs, so we can provide a truly unique and bespoke training package, with tangible and measurable outcomes, and ensure maximum impact and client satisfaction.

Working across 14 regional Fire and Rescue services, our trainers and assessors have developed an unrivalled working knowledge of the systems, processes and responsibilities of Fire Fighters wishing to progress their careers and develop their managerial and supervisory skillsets.

Our unique approach uses an immersive process to truly understand the high levels of stress, responsibility and accountability needed to perform effectively. As such, our programme equip individuals with effective coping skills, communication and operational planning to ensure all challenges can be faced with efficiency and collective efficacy.  

We have successfully trained over 600 Fire Crew and Watch Managers across 19 Fire and Rescue Services to progress into Middle and Senior Management roles. 

Managers in the Bus, Rail and Freight industry not only require the ability to delegate and organise effectively, but also need to ensure their working knowledge is constantly up to date in a fast-paced and changing working environment.

Whether its reviewing employees track competence through an ACC – Annual Capability Conversion, or providing strategic oversight to a CPP – Construction Phase Plan, our trainers are deeply experienced in the nuances, colloquialisms and idiosyncrasies of Rail and Freight, and the skillsets, knowledge and behaviours required to be an effectively manage people, change and performance. 

Whether a Middle Manager in a Retail Bank, an Investment Analyst in a Pension Fund, a Stockbroker in a Hedge Fund, or a Financial Services Administrator in an Advisory Firm, our leadership programmes have assisted a range of individuals to progress into supervisory, managerial and executive roles.

Being a leader in the Financial Sector requires an ability to deal with change, effective decision making and strong leadership. With an equal focus on managing processes and people, our programmes ensure each person develops the technical and financial knowledge to excel in their role, complimented by the skills and behaviours of authentic corporate leadership to effectively oversee departments and organisations as a whole. 

The bureaucratic and political nature of central organisations requires strong technical understanding, accountability and effective communication to various stakeholders and at various levels.

With high amounts of pressure, demanding deadlines and a detailed hierarchical structure, working in a supervisory, managerial or leadership role requires strong delegation, organisation and oversight. The creation of divisions, departments and projects within such large structures often requires strong change management, transition, coping and communication skills, necessitating employees to take on increased people and process responsibilities with little time to prepare. Our programmes ensure your staff have the confidence, capability and capacity to drive effective change when supervising, managing or leading a team, whilst ensuring their own performance, workload and integrity are upheld to the standards expected. 

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