Our vast array of programmes and subjects ensure that whatever business challenges you face, we have you and your people covered.

Leadership & Management

Our Leadership and Management programmes span 30 years, and combine theoretical knowledge, evidence-based practice, and tailored training, to guarantee your leaders and managers develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to enhance their careers and ensure your business success.

Reorganisation & Change Management

It’s no surprise that ‘Change’ is voted as one of the most stress-inducing factors in people’s personal and professional lives. Effective Change Management ensures your employees feel calm and confident in new processes, systems, products or services. Ineffective Reorganisation can lead to damaged relationships, ill-health and reduced productivity. Our Change Management Programme incorporates the 5 R’s, so your leaders understand the importance of reducing stress and negative impact for long term success and employee well-being.

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Whether a governmental body or commercial business, our programmes have supported both Educational Establishments and organisations to train in-house staff through AET, CET, DET, IQA and Assessor qualifications, ensuring high standards of teaching pedagogy, assessment methodologies and learning strategies. Our courses ensure your staff have the confidence and capability to effectively operate in a range of teaching, learning and assessment roles.

Organisational Psychology

The way we build the culture of our organisation significantly determines its success. With an equal focus on performance and well-being, our programmes ensures you organisation benefits from increased workplace productivity, employee retention and improvements in mental health and well-being.

Business Improvement

Business Improvement is defined as ‘the process of measuring, changing and measuring again to improve the efficiency, revenue and reputation of a business.’ Our bespoke programmes can cover a range of business improvement areas and techniques, depending on the goals and aspirations of your business. We have worked with a range of SMEs and FTSE 500s to provide validated and measurable Management Improvement, Process Improvement and Quality Improvement.

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