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By Ashley Philpott

Ok so Active Learning predominantly, how would you describe us? We are a leadership and management training company. We deliver, long and short courses into companies and if you want, we can accredit those into nationally recognised qualifications.

So, what topics do we cover? leadership and manage generically, all of those associated topics; leadership, motivation, conflict management, problem solving, they are all built into standard qualifications with the ILM, City & Guilds, Pearson and Edexcel. Each of those levels, level 2 through to level 7, we can offer pretty much all of the options from, awards, certificate and diploma in the standard leadership & management qualifications, and you can go for the ILM, perhaps the more theoretical route, through to the more BTEC base system at Pearson and Edexcel. We will talk to you about that and recommend what fits best for you, but ultimately of course you are the customer, and it is your choice.

Other things you can expect from us in terms of qualifications, we can also run qualifications in coaching in levels 3,5 and 7 both in awards and certificates. We can train in mentoring, we can train in assessors, what used to be the old A1, A2 now called the AAVRA, same qualification and if you are as old as me you will remember it as D31 and D32. Also, things like IV, IQA as it is now called we can now train onto those. And also of course presentation skills and the girl fashion train the trainer, where we can award PTLS as it was called once upon a time and CTLS now PET and CET, but they are basically levels 4&5 qualifications in teaching and training.

So any of those sorts of skills that you are interested in we will do those with national qualifications, we also have a lot of experience in other areas, you might not want qualifications but things like project management for example, problem solving, business improvement skills and also change leadership is an area where we have lots and lots of experience helping companies both big and small through difficult changes and helping their managers prepare, deal with and follow up large business changes.

So, if you are not sure if we can, give us a call but that is basically an overview of everything you can expect from ALD. I am always open minded, if you need something else that is not on the official list, we are always interested in perhaps looking into that for you. So, give us a call at ALD, contact us on the website and we will be looking forward to speak to you on what we can offer.

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