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How am I assessed?

How am I assessed? By Ashley Philpott Ok, so you are interested in doing an ALD qualification and you are wondering what is assessment

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What is Business Familiarisation?

What is “Business Familiarisation”? By Ashley Philpott We specialise in tailored and bespoke training programmes for businesses. Particularly areas like; Transport, The Fire and

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ALD & The Fire Service

ALD & The Fire Service By Ashley Philpott Ok so if you have asked this frequently asked question, its probably not that frequently asked

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What is the RQF?

What is the RQF? By Ashley Philpott Hi so you have clicked on the frequently asked question, what is the RQF? And it stands for

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What courses do you run?

Feedback & communication By Ashley Philpott Ok so Active Learning predominantly, how would you describe us? We are a leadership and management training company. We

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Feedback & communication

Feedback & communication By Ashley Philpott So, you are interested in using ALD for one of your training programmes, either as an individual or

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What does it cost?

The only way to give you a really clear picture is for you to come to us, tell us exactly what you are looking for and I can give you an exact price based on your wants and needs

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