What is "Business Familiarisation"?

By Ashley Philpott

We specialise in tailored and bespoke training programmes for businesses. Particularly areas like; Transport, The Fire and Rescue, the Ministry Defence. We have a lot of corporate experience over the years in those particular sectors, but also in finance and many other areas. The reason we have that is whenever you come to us as a business and say, Ashley we want to do some training with Active Learning, before we do any training at all we need to find out exactly who you are, how you think, what your culture is and what makes your business unique. So that my trainers, when they are in rooms with your people, can understand the difficulties that your managers and leaders are going through, and can tailor the theories and the concepts and the discussions to help them get the best out of that knowledge, when they apply into what is a unique culture in your business.

There are five steps. I am not going to go through them now, they are quite complicated and detailed, but we will look at every aspect of your business, we will talk to many different people, in many different areas with many different responsibilities, we will want to look at your ethics, your business plan, your values and we will try to get to understand your culture.

In certain circumstances we will take it to extremes, I personally have the cut doors off a car with hydraulic cutters for The Fire and Rescue. I have sat in a car with a senior fire officer and seen an incident. I understand things like sector organisation and tactical ventilation. So, that is specific to the Fire and Rescue and if you are not part of that particular area of operation, you will not know what any of that means, but my trainers do and they can apply that into the uniqueness, in this case of the Fire and Rescue.

If you work for DB Cargo for example, another customer of ours, that is freight rail, my trainers have sat in simulators they have worked on the ground as shunters, to understand exactly what goes on at the frontline. They understand the health and safety difficulties, the business difficulties that go with things like Brexit and we can tailor everything we do from junior right through to senior management level. We have worked in areas of change, where we will understand what it is you are wanting to do and we can help your managers both, prepare for change, cope with change as they go through it and then deal with difficult things that come out of change and some of the difficulties that are left after big changes hit organisations and how best to recover from them.

So, when you come to ALD, and we talk about familiarisation, we will, and I mean this with the greatest of respect, get really under your skin to make sure that my trainers are completely comfortable with what is going on in your world, so we can tailor the training precisely to you and no two ALD courses are the same because of it.


So, if you are interested and that sounds like something you would want from one of your suppliers, then give us a call at Active Learning or contact us through our website or LinkedIn, I look forward to speaking to you.

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